StREaM -

Sustainable Resources, Engineering and Management

Apply from 1 November for the 2025 summer semester.

Interdisciplinary course of study

with engineering, natural sciences and economics content.

Focus on sustainability

runs through the entire English-language course.

Unique modules

such as intercultural projects, languages, ethics or personal development.

Facts about the course Sustainable Resources, Engineering and Management (StREaM)



Degree type:

Bachelor's degree

Title of Degree:

Bachelor of Engineering

Begin of Studycourse:

summer semester

Semester Number:

7 Semester

Deadline of Application:

regular: 15.01. / via uni-assist: 30.11.

Admissions Restriction:

no admission restrictions


152.66 EUR

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StREaM is the study programme for you if

The English-language, international Bachelor’s study programme StREaM has its roots in industrial engineering. It has a particular focus on sustainability. As a graduate, on the one hand you will have acquired knowledge of the fundamentals of industrial engineering and business administration, whilst on the other hand you will have become familiar with the principles of sustainable development and their importance for the economy and industry as well as the environment and society. 

As a student you will acquire the skills and knowledge that enable you to:

  • identify and analyse problems where engineering and business management overlap and jointly develop solutions to them with others in a team,
  • plan, execute and evaluate projects in terms of sustainability and in the process incorporate specialist perspectives from economics and industry, ecology and society as well as taking into account cultural contexts,
  • successfully communicate, collaborate and cooperate - in an interdisciplinary, intercultural and virtual manner,
  • as well as reflect upon your personal skills development and continuously evolve as an individual.

Online Event

Visit our online event and get all the information you need. Find out about your entry options and the process of your studies in a direct conversation.

On Wednesday Juli 10th | 5:00 p.m. Franziska Roth is looking forward to seeing you here, at ZOOM >>>

Programme content

Sustainability is the theme that cuts across all programme content.

  • Materials and production engineering 

  • Ecology and resources

  • Renewable energies

  • International accounting and finance

  • Production management and global
    supply chains

  • Business development

  • Intercultural projects and teamwork

  • German as a foreign language / other foreign language

  • Ethics and social responsibility

  • Personal development and compulsory elective modules

  • Internship


To be admitted to the programme you must hold a higher education entrance qualification in the form of:

  • a general or subject-specific secondary school diploma (Abitur)
  • a higher education entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences or a comparable qualification
  • vocational qualification recognised as a higher education entrance qualification

Are you unable to provide evidence of one of the higher education entrance qualifications listed here, but have completed a vocational training qualification and at least 3 years of professional experience? 
Then you have the option of demonstrating your aptitude via the entrance examination or trial studies in order to complete a study programme with us. You can find further information here.

The language of tuition is English. For this reason, evidence of knowledge of the English language to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (GER) is required. Usually, in the case of applications with German qualifications, this evidence is provided by the higher education entrance qualification certificate.


For admission to a study programme you must provide evidence of a higher education entrance qualification recognised in Germany. 

Tip: To check if your higher education entrance qualification is recognised in Germany, you can use the DAAD admission database. There you will find information (also in English) on more than 130 countries. You can find even more detailed information on all countries in the info portal for foreign educational attainments (anabin) (info only available in German). 



The language of tuition is English. Evidence of the requisite English language skills can be provided via the following certificates:

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), iBT 72 - 94 points
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System), 5.0 points
  • telc B2-certificate
  • UNIcert II
  • Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE)
  • Equivalent qualifications


If it is not possible to commence a programme of study with your qualifications, please contact a preparatory college. 

Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences does not have its own preparatory college. The responsible state-run preparatory college in Saxony-Anhalt is situated at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Köthen campus.  In addition, the European Preparatory College for the Economy (ESKW) is a private institution in Magdeburg that specifically prepares foreign prospective students for studying in Germany.

For the Sustainable Resources, Engineering and Management programme it is possible to take the following courses: 

  • W course for social and business subjects
  • WW course for business programmes
  • T course for technical, scientific subjects and mathematics
  • TI course for technical and engineering programmes


foreign certificates are checked by uni-assist e.V.
Information can be found on the uni-assist website.
Application deadline for uni-assist: 30 November

Applicants who commence a study programme at the university may apply to have the fees incurred for their application via uni-assist reimbursed by the university.

Entrance examination:
the entrance examination is open to all those who have acquired a higher education entrance qualification abroad and who are entitled to study at a university in their homeland and are able to demonstrate the necessary language skills.
This entrance examination replaces the application via Uni-Assist.

Application deadline: 15 January

University applicant portal:
please apply directly via the online applicant portal of the university, if:

  • you have passed the entrance examination at a preparatory college.
  • your certificates have already been recognised by the state education authority or the Central Office for Foreign Education (Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen (ZAB)).


As a StREaM graduate, there are potential careers in industrial and service companies as well as the public sector in the initiation and implementation of sustainable production and product design processes. The main focus is on the responsible use of resources and energies. This interdisciplinary programme will enable you to take on industrial engineering roles at the point where technology and commerce overlap, e.g. in sales and marketing, product development or quality and environmental management. Another potential area of employment is in corporate consulting.


Du hast konkrete Fragen zum Studiengang?
Dann wende dich gern an die Studienfachberatung.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. John-Glen Swanson
Mail: Phone: (0391) 886 45 41
Campus Magdeburg, Haus 10, Raum 2.26
Florian Schineller

Du hast noch Fragen?

Du hast noch Fragen zum Studium oder bist dir noch unsicher, welche Möglichkeiten du hast?
Unsere Studienberatung ist für dich da.

Lisette Kammrad
Mail: Phone: 0391 886 41 06 WhatsApp: 0175 77 22 032 (Data privacy)
Campus Magdeburg, Breitscheidstraße 2, Haus 2, Raum 0.07.2
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